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A Residence Permit is the official ID document you obtain when you move to Germany.  The type of residence permit depends on the purpose of your stay in Germany: work (like the Blue Card), studies, family or any other legal reason. Get In Expat can help you prepare your application and get your residence permit in Germany.

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Personnalized support for your residence permit in Germany

Get In Expat offers a comprehensive residence permit service to help you navigate the German bureaucracy

What is the Residence Permit ?

The Residence Permit (in German: die Aufenthaltstitel) is the official document for all internationals living in Germany. Most of you will enter Germany with a visa stuck in you passport with a limited period of validity (3 months to 1 year). This visa must be replaced by a Residence Permit once in Germany with a legal and longer period of stay which can be extended.

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What includes our service?

Get In Expat offers a all inclusive service to ensure you get your Residence Permit on time and in a smooth process.

Our service includes:

  • Preparation and review of your documents
  • Complete and submit the application to the local Foreign Office
  • Request an appointment
  • On-site assistance during the appointment
  • Follow up until you receive your residence permit in Germany

Do you provide support all over Germany ?

Get In Expat’s teams cover Germany’s major cities and regions, including Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Bonn. Our teams are always on top of new regulations and local processes to ensure that your application is processed in the best possible way and on time.

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Residence Permit in Germany - Your customized support service

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“They are the only relocation company that I found that offers assistance in all the paperwork and understanding what is needed to move into Germany. They made the relocation to Germany easier for us by providing sufficient support. They always follow up on the next step that we need to do!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Residence Permit in Germany is a key step in finalysing your move to Germany. Here are some questions that might help you in the process. If others come up, contact us directly!

A Residence Permit (in German Aufenthaltstitel) is your ID document in Germany issued by your local Foreign Office where you live (Auslanderbehörde)

In Germany, all non-EU citizens must have a Residence Permit to prove that they have the right to live in the country, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.

The cost of a Residence Permit in Germany depends on the type of residence permit and your nationality. For example, a Blue Card generally cost 100€.

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